In this blog post we are looking at additional information that you can add to support your entry. This is an optional part of the RBA entry process, but if you do choose to upload some, it could be the key to winning an award…


Additional Information, what Additional Information?

After submitting and paying for your entry, there is an optional section allowing additional information to be uploaded such as photographs, presentations, videos, links to YouTube or copies of certificates (these are just a few examples). You can find this area by clicking on the 5th green tab at the top, called ‘Attachments’.


Why Should I Upload Additional Information?

Even though this stage of the RBA entry process is optional, we highly recommend that you attach additional information to your entry. This isn’t because we want to make extra work for our entrants, honestly! In previous years we have found that entries with extra information have scored more highly and are therefore more likely to be shortlisted as finalists. This is your chance to show your business’ personality and why you deserve to be recognised as the best!


What Can I Include?

Below are just a few ideas of what you might include as additional information for your entry:

  • Presentation about your business (e.g. Powerpoint, Prezi, Keynote, Word document)
  • Videos (attach the YouTube or Vimeo link)
  • Certificates (e.g. for assurance or accreditation schemes)
  • Copies of articles about your business featured in the press
  • Images of your product
  • Photographs of your business, you and your business activities
  • Customer and staff testimonials
  • Financial Information (keep it brief, an overview is fine). All our judges sign NDAs, and will treat your information with the greatest respect.

This is not an exhaustive list, feel free to be as creative as you want! Last year some of our entrants also sent physical samples of their products – we are more than happy to accept these too (just drop us a line at the office first so we can keep an eye out for their arrival).

Always add at least 3 or 4 high resolution photographs to your entry!


How Do I Attach Additional Information?

Log in to your RBA account here and select your entry name at the bottom of the page. Click on the fifth green tab at the top called ‘Attachments’. Look for the button called ‘Add Attachments’, click this and select the file you would like to upload.
If you want to attach a video, click on ‘Add link or video’ and paste the video URL from YouTube or Vimeo.


When Should I Add my Additional Information?

At any time! Even after submitting and paying for your entry, you can log back in and add extra information as many times as you want up until the 31st May deadline.


You don’t have to be a whiz with technology, even just writing a word document with your extra information in would be great. Plus, we’re here in the office to help with the technical side of uploading and adding documents to your entry, just get in touch!


To upload supporting documents to your entry, or start a new one, click here.

If you’re not sure what to write about in your entry, read our blog How to Write an Awards Winning Entry!

If you need any help uploading your files, email office@ruralbusinessawards.co.uk or call 01163800525

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