One of the many highlights of the regional awards ceremonies was the flowers. At each venue our florists, members of one of our previous finalists, Flowers from the Farm, used beautiful british blooms to create dramatic displays.

Read this article to see the flowers from each region, and to find out a little more about each florist and their bouquets.


These flowers were arranged by Andrea from The Nectar Bar Flowers. She grows her flowers as sustainably as possible, just south of Manchester. The name comes from the fact that her before they go home with her customers, her flowers provide a feast for bees and other pollinators.

If you’d like to get in touch with her, all you need to know is on her website – www.thenectarbar.co.uk


Sheila from Freedom Flowers arranged this bouquet, and doesn’t her work look great?

She said: “We grow some of the ingredients here on our farm near Ashbourne in Derbyshire. I used purple aster, purple cerinthe, dark sunflowers, red cornus stems, euphorbia, eucalyptus, and twisted hazel from our field. I used white and yellow Chrysanthemum blooms grown in Norfolk and yellow sunflowers, red asters and red & yellow alstromeria grown in Lincolnshire.

“I have been growing flowers to sell since 2010, and after returning to college as a very elderly returner, opened my first flower shop in 2016. Our flower beds are fuelled by our 4 miniature donkeys who get lots of kisses and cuddles in return!”

If you would like to order a number of bouquets of flowers for your employees for Christmas, Shelia is offering 10% off for Rural Business Awards Participants. If you would prefer, they can even be all British grown, just order as soon as possible!

Go to www.freedomflowers.co.uk for her contact details.


The bunches provided by Meinir from Tusw Tlws included annual flowers, like cosmos and rudbeckia along with perennial flowers, like astrantia, achillea, sedum and nepeta. Different shapes of flowers was also important – spikes provided by gladioli, the boldness of dahlias, and cascading stems of ivy and amaranthus. She wanted to create contrasts in textures so used rosehips and panicum grass.

Whilst many of the flowers had beautiful scents, some herbs like mint and rosemary were also included.

Tusw Tlws is a small grower based In Gellifor, Denbighshire where a mixture of perennials, annuals, bulbs and roses are grown. However, due to the volume of flowers needed for this event, flowers were bought in from Carol’s Garden which is based just over the border in Cheshire.

For more information on Tusw Tlws, and more shots of the flowers Meinir created for us, head to their facebook page.


Liz from Pipley Flowers created this fabulous bouquet for the South West Event.

She said “ My flower farm is in Upton Cheyney between Bristol and Bath. I used flowers including dahlias (lots of dahlias!), cosmos, amaranthus, sunflowers and scabious for my arrangements as well as quite a lot of eucalyptus foliage which I also grew at the farm. The selection of flowers available was quite limited due to the time of year but the weather was kind and luckily I escaped any bad frosts before the event. The colours I went for were autumnal oranges, peach, apricot and burgundy for some arrangements and others were in mostly pink and burgundy tones.”

If you would like to get in touch with Liz, you can do so via www.pipleyflowers.com


Corrina from Chambers Farm Flowers arranged the beautiful floral displays for the South East.

She told us: “I used all British flowers grown on our flower farm Chambers Farm Flowers. Our Chrysanthemums are grown in the polytunnel from British cuttings which went in the ground back in April, we also used cosmos Picotee – an annual grown from seed. Our displays also included Achillea cerise queen which is a perennial we grew from seed last year.

“All the displays were filled with willow, which we grow on the farm – the cuttings where planted last year and came from UK company World of Willow. To help hold the displays high in the tall vases we used a collar of Laurel leaves to support the flowers, these came from a family garden at Combewell Priory in Wadhurst.

“We only use seasonal British flowers and foliage in our floristry and where ever possible source our plants and seeds from the UK, most of our seed comes from the UK family company Chiltern Seeds and our Chrysanthemum plants came from UK company Chrysanthemums Direct.”

To find out more about Corrina’s work, go to www.chambersfarmflowers.com


The arrangements for our last event were wonderfully put together by Denise from Garden Gate Flowers Southwold. She uses seasonal flowers to create artistic displays. The huge yellow chrysanthemums she used were particularly spectacular.

To get in touch with Denise, follow this link: www.thegardengate-southwold.co.uk

At each event, we always ask the guests to take the flowers home with them, so that they don’t go to waste. It’s a lovely sight, watching them wander off into the night, clutching their bouquets, knowing that those flowers will make them, or a loved one, smile for days to come.

So, as you have seen, all of the flowers for our events were beautiful, and so different from each other! We would wholeheartedly recommend using any of the florists in this post, next time you need some British flowers.


While 2018’s regional ceremonies might be over, we’re now accepting entries for 2019-20, and for the first time it is completely free to enter! Follow this link to enter, or read this blog about all the changes we have made to the entry process.

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