Climate Change and the future of the environment are an ever-pressing issue, and we can all do our bit to help the planet. But should rural businesses be taking a more active role in championing a greener future? In this article, Heaton House Farm explores the methods they use to reduce their carbon footprint.

In a world that is overrun by electrical devices, printed items and a “replace it instead of fix it” attitude, are we doing enough to save the environment?

Here at Heaton House Farm, we are striving to eliminate our carbon footprint. From recycling used products to creating our own power, there are lots of different ways we try to do our part for the environment.

As a wedding venue, we receive lots of deliveries in cardboard boxes, all of which would usually be taken to the local tip. However, we have invested on our very own biomass boiler! We incinerate all burnable waste onsite, which alone creates enough energy to heat and power the whole venue and our 15 accommodation rooms.

Photo by Bridgwood Photography

Last year we joined the East Cheshire Hospice Christmas Tree Collection in their mission to raise money for the hospice. For a donation, the organisation collects Christmas trees from outside of homes in January, and takes them to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. The collection had been paying for the trees to be disposed of which reduced the amount of money raised for the organisation; they now bring the locally collected trees to the venue meaning more money goes to the right place.

Working alongside the biomass boiler are our 250 solar panels; as one of the first places in the region to host solar panels we are very proud of how much power comes from the roofs of our beautiful barns – just a shame we can’t have sunshine all year round!

And it’s not just the big changes that can be made. Even small changes to the venue make all the difference, like automated bathroom lights and recycling things such as the corks from every bottle of prosecco and champagne popped – of which, as you can imagine, there are quite a few!

Wedding catering is very important but where to dispose of the leftovers is equally as important! We use a company called Refood to recycle all our waste food, who send it to an Anaerobic Digester to produce methane gas, which in turn powers generators and contributes electricity to the National Grid.

It’s not just the environment we like to take care of but also the local wildlife. One of the venue owners, Margaret Heath, can often be found out scouring the lands for bird nests as they like to lay their eggs amongst the long grass in the fields. She flags the nesting areas to protect them, so our farmers, guests and workers don’t accidentally wander into them.  

Photo by Reportage Gallery

Everyone here at Heaton House cares a great deal for our environment, and when you work in such a beautiful location your only aim is to keep the countryside that surrounds – all the wildlife within it – in a perfect state for all to enjoy.

If you would like to get married in an eco-friendly venue, visit www.heatonhousefarm.co.uk

Heaton House Events were a finalist for the North’s Outstanding Rural Diversification Award. If you would like to enter the 2019-20 Rural Business Awards, click here for information on the categories, timescales, and how to enter!

Featured image by Anthony Motton Photography.

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