As our national final is under a month away, we think it is the perfect time to get to know the businesses vying for our coveted national awards. Over the next few weeks we will be taking a look at each of our twelve categories in turn, from Best Rural Start Up all the way through to the Triumph Over Adversity award.

Each national finalist has already won the award for their category in their own region. We think they’re all fantastic rural businesses, but who will our judges declare to be the cream of the crop?

Find out more about each of the business in with a chance of winning the national Best Rural Professional Services Business Award below.


Ballinger Equine – East Region

Ballinger Equine is a first-opinion ambulatory equine veterinary practice, serving Hertfordshire, South Bedfordshire, Epping Forest, north London and Essex, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The practice provides total equine healthcare, veterinary medicine and performance management to all equidae including miniature horses, donkeys, riding-school ponies, leisure and pleasure horses, professional eventers, hunt horses, showjumpers, grands-prix dressage horses and elite athletes. Operating a fleet of specially equipped 4×4 trucks, Ballinger Equine takes advanced diagnostic imaging technology to wherever the patient is located, whatever the weather. Accurate on-site diagnosis means the veterinary surgeons can commence targeted, effective treatment immediately.


Concierge Medical – Midlands Region

Concierge Medical is an award-winning, membership-based private GP service providing 24/7 on-site urgent and routine comprehensive medical care to registered individuals and businesses. Their philosophy is a simple one; to provide the very best possible healthcare to their members available in the UK.

They have established a strong secondary care and allied health network and actively manage members’ health through diagnosis and treatment, focusing on what they know patients value; continuity of care and patient advocacy. They have achieved outstanding patient outcomes by managing medical conditions at home, avoiding hospital admissions.

They are, in essence, a traditional family GP service.


Giffords Chartered Accountants – South West Region

Giffords Chartered Accounts is a small rural practice based in Monkleigh, North Devon. Giffords was established in 2017 simply because their clients matter. Giffords offer modern, dynamic and cutting edge accountancy, business and tax services. Giffords provide friendly, efficient and specialist advice and services tailored to meet client needs. For Giffords, it’s not just about the numbers but working in partnership with clients to have honest and frank discussions about performance, demonstrate the value and benefits of change and identify efficiencies so that clients can make informed decisions, drive forward, overcome challenges, reach their full potential and achieve their goals.


Landsker Business Solutions Ltd. – Wales & Northern Ireland Region

Landsker provides practical support and advice to pre-start and established rural businesses, across all sectors pan-Wales. With a skilled and experienced team of finance, strategy, marketing, operations and HR consultants, Landsker is committed to helping rural businesses achieve their goals and grow, especially, in what can now be described as challenging times. The business delivers support on multiple programmes including Farming-Connect and Business Wales.

Landsker was established in 2001 and has assisted over 1,000 SMEs in rural environments throughout Wales. The business has accessed in excess of £100 million in funding for clients and assisted in the creation of over 3,500 jobs.


Rural & Business Specialists Ltd – North Region

R&BS Ltd is a nationwide, independent agricultural and rural property mortgage consultancy that help clients access bespoke and strategic mortgage finance to achieve their business and lifestyle aims and ambitions whatever the rural property type including farms, estates, country houses, smallholdings equestrian and the whole spectrum of countryside and leisure businesses and activities.

Whilst working as regional managers for a single bank with a single offering, the founders of the business realised they were conflicted. R&BS provided them with the opportunity to put the client first, at the centre of everything that they did, and given their independence, to offer the client the best possible funding available.


The Great Out-tours – South East Region

The Great Out-tours enrich and empower young primary age children and people with special needs, learning disabilities, dementia and mental health conditions, to see, interpret and understand the beauty, features and importance of the countryside. This is achieved through a dual targeting ‘Four Seasons Activity Programme’ syllabus, specifically designed for delivery to these learner profiles. These programmes are structured educational digests of practical activities, sharing a unique gift – the power to appreciate the natural world by sight, sound, scent and touch. With this new found knowledge people can apply it to the context of their own lives, increasing their quality of life. 


Which business will be triumphant? Find out on 27th February! We’ll be posting the results on our Twitter and Facebook channels, so you can follow along there. All that’s left is to wish the very best of luck to the businesses vying for the National Best Rural Professional Services Business Award, as well as all of our other national finalists.

To see the full list of finalists or find more information on the National Final, go to www.ruralbusinessawards.co.uk/national

If you think your business has a shot at winning Best Rural Professional Services Business, or one of our other awards, why not enter the 2020/21 Rural Business Awards? Learn more at www.ruralbusinessawards.co.uk/enter-2020

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