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You can download our 2019/20 Sponsorship and Advertising Document by clicking here

Jemma and Anna are always on hand to discuss any part of the sponsorship or advertising packages with you, not least because it has to be the right fit for you, but as it has to fit for us too. Please contact the team with any queries.

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There are two levels of sponsorship available for the 2019/20 awards year – Regional and National. The co-founders, Anna Price and Jemma Clifford, personally manage relationships with sponsors at both levels and ensure that the ethos and aims of the Rural Business Awards align with the desired outputs for a potential sponsor. To this end, they are able as the principal decision makers, to ensure that a sponsorship agreement suits us and you.
  • The opportunity to promote your brand to a potential audience of over 10,000+ individuals and organisations.
  • Access to PR to enable you to access publicity and promotion around the Rural Business Awards.
  • The potential to generate media interest & awareness of your business – to date 600+ articles delivering an EVA in excess of £150,000.
  • Piggybacking on social media (over 8000 users across channels).
  • Access to any additional events with partners, entrants, winners and guests.
  • Personal introductions where appropriate.
  • Access to high quality corporate hospitality with an influential, relevant rural business audience offering network and commercial revenue potential.
  • Branding at the relevant awards venue including branding on media boards, screen in venue and verbal mentions.
  • Opportunity to present an award at the relevant event
  • Branding on RBA website – 50,000 active web visits since the start of the Awards in 2015. Of the 50,000 there have been 20,000 new visitors since January 2018 -42% of which return regularly to the site.
  • Editorial and branding inclusion in event
  • Use of RBA logo for the agreed term.
  • The association and opportunities to network with the other partners, winners and entrants.
  • Demonstrate your corporate commitment to the rural sector.
  • Providing the opportunity to build brand preference and loyalty with new and existing customers.
  • An opportunity to host (if appropriate) the judging for a region in accordance with the timeline.
  • Judging at any number of regional or national finals is welcomed but not compulsory. Another great networking opportunity!
• 2 x tickets to attend either a chosen Regional event or National final.
• Full page advert in the national event programme .
• ½ page advert in regional event programme.
• Alignment with chosen award category for national final and opportunity to present the award.
• Opportunity to present an award at chosen regional event, subject to agreement.
• Branding to appear on national pages of the RBA website.
• Half Page advert in the Spring and Autumn Issue of ‘In Your Field’, the magazine of The Rural Business Group.

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