The Triumph Over Adversity Award

From our many discussions with rural business-owners, we know that many of you face some pretty tough challenges, from funding and connectivity, to rural isolation and mental or physical health – sometimes running a rural business can feel like one big (albeit rewarding) uphill battle. Therefore, we want to shine a light on those businesses who have succeeded despite the odds being against them – a feat which deserves to be celebrated.

The Triumph Over Adversity Award recognises and celebrates businesses or individuals who have overcome significant business or personal difficulties in order to be successful. 

This award will not be a category that businesses can choose to enter, we will instead judge all shortlisted businesses against the Triumph Over Adversity criteria. Entrants will be asked several optional questions during the entry process in order to obtain information pertinent to this award. The questions will be optional as they will not be relevant to all businesses, and so will not have any impact on the results of the other awards.

A Triumph Over Adversity winner for each of our six regions will be announced at the National Final in February 2021.

Please be aware that anything you write in response to the Triumph Over Adversity question may be shared in the award presentation, should you happen to win. 


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