So, you’re a finalist for the Rural Business Awards, and are busy enjoying the buzz that comes with that. But what next? In October and November, we will be holding six regional award presentations, and we can’t wait! We are really looking forward to meeting you all at one of our events, and hopefully this article should help to answer any questions you might have about why you should attend.


What Happens at an Awards Ceremony?


First of all, when you are deciding whether you want to come to an RBA event (the answer is yes, you do!) you need to know what actually happens on the night.

The presentations take place at great venues in each region (you can find the details in the region sections of our website). Guests will be welcomed with tea and coffee and a chance to meet the other finalists. This will be followed by the awards presentation itself, which will pass by in a whirl of applause, with the awards being presented to the winners by a range of our judges and sponsors. After the presentation, you will be able to celebrate your success with champagne and cake.

Hopefully by now you have realised that the RBAs are more than just a single afternoon, we work hard to promote our finalists by offering them a whole range of public-relations and media opportunities throughout the year. Your ticket doesn’t just represent your attendance to a one-off event, but your whole Rural Business Awards experience.

We price our tickets with the aim of covering our costs, and when you factor in all the opportunities and media-exposure you have access to by being involved in the awards, we really feel that they’re a bit of a bargain.


Why Should you Attend One of Our Events?


Now, to get to the heart of the matter, aside from the chance picking up an award, why should you come to one of our ceremonies?

Build your Network

We’ve all heard the phrase “it’s not what you know, but who you know.” Attending the Rural Business Awards is a great chance to make new business connections, whether with our sponsors and associates, or our other finalists! This year, we’ve altered our format slightly to maximise your chances of networking with other finalists, as we know it’s something that’s important to our entrants.

Be Inspired

You have the amazing opportunity to be in a room with some of the very best rural businesses across your region. This is a unique chance to hear first-hand some incredible stories. Whether it’s a new project, ethos, or vision, you’re sure to leave the ceremony feeling like you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Share Challenges

The Rural Business Awards exists to recognise that rural businesses face their own set of specific challenges, which can, at times, seem pretty insurmountable. It might be helpful to know, then, that you’re not the only one faced with these problems. Attending a presentation enables finalists to share the challenges they face, to support each other, and compare their solutions. You might learn something that would make your life a lot easier.


Each year we hire professional photographers to take high-quality, formal and informal photos of our finalists throughout the event. These can become a useful marketing tool, both for press releases immediately following the presentation, and for wider use.


Most importantly, attending an awards ceremony is a chance to celebrate your success! Bring a few of your staff members or supporters with you and raise a glass (or two) to all the hard work you’ve put in together, and all the challenges you have overcome. Our events are fundamentally a celebration of rural business, and we really hope that our finalists have a great time, win or lose!


How Do You Book Your Tickets?


Booking your tickets is really simple, just click here

Tickets cost £30 plus VAT each. If you have any questions about the events, just email us at office@ruralbusinessawards.co.uk and we’ll see what we can do to help.

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